Sneak Preview: Masonic Fabric

Masonic Textile Swatch

I just took delivery of some exciting swatches: custom-printed satin with the square and compasses printed on the bias, perfect for the new line of Masonic bow ties we’ll be rolling out next month at the 2016 Massachusetts and Rhode Island Masonic Con in Attleboro, Massachusetts.  This is just one design of several planned.

I’ve been meaning to do in-house textile designs for a long time now, but it’s been hard to establish traction;  There are plenty of ready-made designs out there after all, and only so many hours in the day.  But, now that I see the print quality I’m a little bit overwhelmed by the possibilities.

This also means we can do custom runs of special fabric for organizations or individuals – there are some details to work out there but if you have a special design or project in mind, drop me a line!