Do *You* Make All This Stuff?

Short answer: Yes!

Photo of Hand-made Bow Ties in Progress

Longer answer: Everything we sell online and at shows is made in-house in small runs. Ties and other accessories are cut out by hand and sewn on vintage, Italian-made Necchi sewing machines.

Photo of a Necchi BU Mira Sewing Machine

The “Do you make these” question always catches me by surprise, because most of the shows Grip and Word participates in (either solo or as half of Splendid Toad Art Farm) are specifically restricted only to vendors who produce their own wares.  When so many of the things people buy are mass-produced in factories overseas, though, I think it’s easy for people forget that there are still pockets of local industry.  Some online artisan marketplaces have also muddied the waters by allowing factory-produced items if they were designed by an individual seller.

So, “Do you make these yourself?” is a fair and understandable question and I’m always proud to say “Yes.”