Can you make me a tie with my favorite sports team, superhero, or other pop culture icon?

There are far too many teams out there to stock them all (and most of the fabric available to us is not licensed for commercial use anyway) but if you supply the fabric, we can turn it into a tie for the regular price of our basic cotton ties.   Contact us to get the ball rolling.

Photo of a bespoke Boston Bruins Bow Tie

Good places to search for fabric are at your local fabric shop (of course) or online at places like, Etsy, or Ebay. You’re most likely to find sports team/pop culture fabric in cotton, which works fine for bow ties.  You’ll want to purchase a minimum of half a yard of fabric – this gives us some wiggle room for lining up the print with the bow tie pattern.  When looking at fabrics, keep in mind that the actual visible area of the print on the finished, tied bow tie will be fairly small.  With larger patterns it may not be possible to fit an entire logo on the tie.